Fellow Riders,


No one has done more with less for so long.


The Virginia Cross Country Series (VXCS) has done it’s last event.


When established is 2002, there were numerous goals that I wanted to accomplish.


  • Create a series for bikes and quads

  • Keep it small

  • Race once a month

  • Find new venues to hold events

  • Give riders more opportunities to ride

  • Get away from the politics of off-road riding


I accomplished everything I set out to do except the last one. 


We did some cool things! 

We did National Hare Scrambles events before the AMA split between east and west. After the split, we did east coast hare scramble championship events. 

We did a GNCC / VXCS event. 

We did a combination VXCS / VCHSS event. We did an event in Chesterfield County, on church property, on a Sunday. Beat that one! 

We had some unique awards. 

We had the best bike courses, period.

Our ATV courses evolved into being rideable and raceable.


What I am most proud of is the list of locations the VXCS found and introduced to off-road racers. 


  • Virginia Motorsports Park

  • Lake Sugar Tree

  • Birch Creek

  • Haynes Farm

  • Elkhorn Lake

  • Virginia International Raceway

  • Outdoorsman Park

  • North Carolina Center for Automotive Research

  • River’s Edge

  • River Bottom

  • Jibtopia


We also introduced riders to races at existing facilities.


  • Gore

  • NCMP

  • Wicomico Motorsports Park

  • Dillwyn



Promoting events is costly, time consuming, and if done correctly, a lot of work.

 If you are in it to make money, you’re not very smart.  

You have to be enthusiastic, love what you’re doing, and be consumed by it. 

I am not that person any longer.

For the riders who truly appreciated what we were doing, I know your disappointment. You are the only reason we have carried on for the last few years. I am so sorry.

Some riders never understood, didn’t care, and never will. Not sorry. 


Lone Rider Productions LLC was formed to promote the Virginia Cross Country Series and will continue to promote selected events as time, health management, and enthusiasm allows. 


I can’t begin to thank the landowners, volunteers, and my own family for their cooperation, dedication, and loyalty to my dream.



Tim Norris

2019 VXCS at Northern Neck ATV Park

4618 Leedstown Rd, Colonial Beach, Va. 22443

Sept 21st-22nd

Gates open Friday at 4pm and close at 9p
Saturday Schedule
7:00am       Gates and Registration opens
8:00am       Youth ATV Practice
9:00am      Adult ATV Practice
9:00am       Youth ATV Race
9:45am       50cc Bike Practice
10:00am     65cc-105cc Bike Practice
11:30am      Adult Bike Practice
1:30pm       Adult Quad Race
5:00pm      Registration closes
9:00pm      GATES CLOSE at 9pm
Sunday's Schedule
7:00am         Registration opens
8:00am         50cc Bike Race
9:00am         65cc-105cc  Bike Race
Noon             Adult Bike Race 

          May 18th-19th

Adult Bike Classes

Pro  200A  250A   4-Str/Open A  Vet A (30+) Senior A (40+)  Super Senior A (50+)  Masters (55+)  Golden Masters (60+)  200B 250B  4-Str/Open B  Vet B (30+)  Senior B (40+)  Super Senior B (50+)  200C  250C  4-Str/Open C  Vet C (30+)  Senior C (40+)  Super Senior C (50+)  Women A/B (16+)  Women C (16+)  Schoolboy 1 (12-16)(125cc)

Schoolboy 2 (14-16)(250cc) 

Adult Quad Classes

Pro  Open A  Open B  Open C  Vet (30+)  Senior (40+)  Super Senior (50+)  Masters (60+)  Women (16+)  Utility  Schoolboy Jr. (0-200 2- Str.)(91-300 4-Str.)  Schoolboy Sr. (91-300 2-Str.)(301-400 4-Str.)

Mini Classes

Mini 7-9(65cc)  Mini 10-11(65cc)  Mini 7-11 (85cc)  Mini 12-15 (85cc)  Super Mini 12-13 (105cc)  Super Mini 14-15 (105cc)  Super Mini Women (105cc)

Youth Classes

  Off-road safety training for individuals and corporations. ATVs, ROVs, and dirt bikes.

  ASI (ATV Safety Institute) and ROHVA (Recreational Off- Highway Vehicle Association) certified instructors. Train right, ride right!

Pee Wee Bikes 4-6 (50cc)  Pee Wee Bikes 7-8 (50cc)  Jr. ATV 4-8 (50cc)  Youth ATV 8-13 (70cc-90cc)  Youth Open ATV 8-13 (91cc-200cc)

                   Please Support Those Who Support the VXCS!

                           AED CUSTOM GRAPHICS  

                                             Off-Road Safety Training Solutions          

         Lake Sugar Tree MX Park          Outdoorsman Park          North Carolina Center for Automotive Research     

                      Birch Creek MX Park               Cycle Machine           Off-Road Arrow       East Coast SXS ATVentures

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